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Amy's Closet

Supporting Local Domestic Violence Victims

Not only does FlairTrade help the community with donations to Lydia's Loft in Huntersville but FlairTrade also helps out with another organization named Amy's Closet. Amy's Closet is a non-profit clothing boutique that benefits Amy's House. Amy's House is a shelter and rehabilitation center for domestic violence victims in the Lincoln County area. The shelter started out in 1994 and was only able to hold a maximum of 7 people. Now, the house has grown to help over 20 victims of domestic violence. Amy's Closet sells items that are donated therefore FlairTrade has partnered to support their efforts. The organization immediately brings that donation to Amy's House. Amy's House provides programs that include shelter, counseling, job counseling, parenting courses, support groups, etc.. All of these programs are offered to families with the hopes of getting them back on their feet and back to a safe environment. Most would not know that every 9 seconds a woman in the US is assaulted or beaten. This statistic is so alarming, that is why Amy's Closet feels as though this organization is so important. FlairTrade is so honored to help this organization as well as Lydia's Loft with our donated items. Finally, the motto of Amy's Closet is "Shopping to Stop Domestic Violence". Join FlairTrade in helping Shop to Stop Domestic Violence!
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