Are you behind this movement?!

So many incredible things have been open for discussion this past year! Amongst many topics,  this has allowed a spotlight to be pointed at planetary issues. Did you know fashion and the environment have quite a close-knit relationship?

One term that we are hearing more and more about now in the mainstream is SUSTAINABLE FASHION. 

So what exactly is Sustainable Fashion?

It is considered a movement and process of purchasing and creating wearable fashions that nurture our ecology system and social justice:

  • Purchasing an item of good quality that lasts 10 or more years
  • Selecting fashion pieces that are versatile for most seasons 
  • Making new to you items out of other pieces of clothing
  • Wearing clothing made of recycled material
  • Choosing materials that take less water to grow
  • Purchasing gently loved, resale items
  • Swapping clothes with relatives and friends

Shopping consignment is more than finding great brands at great prices - it is recycling and saving our planet! Re-created pieces are truly one of the kind, unique, on trend, and SUPER AFFORDABLE! Here’s to an incredible movement that we support 100%!

Here’s a few recycled patchwork pieces that can currently be found on our sales floor and at