Bag o’ holic

If you’re a handbag o’ holic - KEEP READING!

More so than any other year, I feel handbags have yet to let me down! They always fit and are oh so accommodating! So, let’s talk about some of the HOTTEST Spring 2022 trends…

Five of the Upcoming Spring/Summer Trends:

OVERSIZED: Dreams DO come true if you like to carry everything including the kitchen sink! Oversized totes even express a cartoon like image for fun and function!

Shown in Picture: Vera Bradley, $56

BUCKET TOTE: So much personality packed into one bag. These range from bucket totes to flowerpot like shape purses.

Shown in Picture: Cole Haan, $88

RAFFIA & CROCHET: Do these make you want to go on a tropical vacation? Prada reintroduced their raffia bag again since it was in such demand and a top seller in 2021.

Shown in Picture: Izzy & Lola, $7.50

BRIEFCASE: Sophisticated, ladylike and structured. Three things I aspire to be, or at least give off that vibe. One upright handle for easy grab and go.

Shown in Picture: Kate Spade, $88

And of course, traditional SPRING colors are always in style! Did you know that any shade of PINK has a calming, safe and affectionate effect on us? It is associated with hope and optimism. And of course, LOVE between friends and family.

Shown in Picture: Michael Michael Kors, $88

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