Fall For Denim!

Fall For Denim!

Dress it up, or dress it down. Denim is one piece of clothing that will continue in circles and never fade.

Styles and trends on the other hand, are on a continuous roller coaster of ups, downs, ins and outs.

So OUT with skinny and colored jeans for 2021 and in with BAGGY jeans. Feels like we have been waiting for this moment and here is our opportunity to be a bit more relaxed while following current trends!


Here are the TOP 5 Denim Trends for Fall 2021:

DISTRESSED - Just a bit more edgy and fun, a distressed look draws attention and elongates.

BAGGY - Let’s face it, after this past year we can all use an extra bit of room and comfort in our jeans.

DARK WASHED - Always a classic! Dark denim can be super casual or dressed up

LOW RISE - This is one we never thought would make a comeback - never say never! Low rise are great for those with shorter torsos and belt wearing

BOOTCUT - Why did this style ever go away in the first place? Fitted in the legs and a slight flare at the bottom. It’s a keeper!


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