From Our Dusty Past - FlairTRADE Consign

From Our Dusty Past

Fall's MUST HAVE Wardrobe Staple! THE DUSTER.

Rich in history, the duster has actually been around since about 1864! They were originally worn to protect clothing when on horses and, later on, in open air automobiles. They have evolved over the centuries and today they are simply a light weight, loose fitting coat, vest or cardigan that is longer in length hitting below the knee. Dusters add beautiful, classic layering touches to outfits, especially during a change in seasons. It's a grab and go without any fuss making it a MUST HAVE! A duster can be matched with your FAVORITE late summer and pre-fall tops and dresses for an easy transition into the fall season! And you certainly can find them at FlairTrade on our racks that are bursting with a warm Autumn hug.
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