Get Your Fanny Over Here!

Do you know the history of the Fanny Pack?

A fanny pack, bum bag, waist wallet, belt bag, hip sack, waist bag… whatever you prefer to call it, certainly has an incredible history. It is the world’s OLDEST usable fashion trend dating back 5,000 years when found on a mummy in the Alps.

So 5,000 years ago is not relatable… more recently in 1962, a fashion bum bag was created by an Australian artist, Melba Stone, it is believed she was inspired by a kangaroo pouch. This sparked the more modern bum bag, aka fanny pack trend.

It made another huge splash into the fashion scene in the 1980’s, which is where many of us remember it from. But like many trends, the fanny pack disappeared in the early 2000’s - and now it is HOT once again two decades later.

The fanny pack is a fashion trend that has been re-born more times than any other, and for good reason - it is fun,expressive and USEFUL! There are thousands of brands and styles to match your personality perfectly!

Today, when hands free is more important than ever, this bag allows you to easily carry the necessities, in a safe spot while leaving your hands free.

Do you have a fanny pack?