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Guide to the FlairTrade App

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Maybe you are confused about the FlairTrade app or technology is difficult for you and we understand that is why we have composed a step by step guide to downloading the app, setting up your loyalty card, and finding the coupons on the app.


FIRST step is to download the app this mean you must go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download the app. Tap on the search bar and type in FlairTrade. If searched correctly it will come up with a picture that looks like the one below. Then you must click the download or install button. After clicked you may be requested to type in a password for your Apple Account or your Google Play Account. If requested and you complete this step the app will begin downloading. Once the app has finished downloading you will click on the app and the home screen will have several options and look like what is below.


Receive rewards for purchases made in store by setting up your loyalty account, you must click on the Loyalty section of the app. Once here you must click on the Card area of the screen. The App will prompt to plug in an email and create a password and click Register. (You can also log in and register with your Facebook Account) From there it will send you a code to your email for you to bring back to the App and finish. Once this is complete it will show you something like what is below.


This is your Loyalty card and from here this is the screen you will show associates when shopping in stores to earn more points for every purchase. In store you receive 2 points per dollar spent in stores. Use points at different times to redeem dollars off purchases or even percentages off purchases. You will now see exclusive deals for our App followers. You can view the coupons available on the App by clicking on the app menu titled Coupons. Like below. If you are still having trouble with the App, please stop by out store so an associate can help you! But hopefully this will help you in downloading the FlairTrade App. Here's to racking up points with every purchase and saving even more money at FlairTrade.
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