Hats Off

There are few iconic style pieces that date back to the Middle Ages, a straw hat happens to be one of them.

Who hasn’t seen or heard of the wardrobe in the classic, 1940’s Gone with the Wind?! 

Dating back in multiple cultures all over the world, the straw hat has been utilized for functionality and fashion. We have seen it time and time again for centuries. 

Since their introduction, much has evolved and changed, naturally. Their simplicity can be added upon to transform into a work of art or a fun, basic accessory.


Did you know:

  • Some historians say that a head covering was the 1st article worn.
  • The first cowboy hat was invented by John Stetson in 1860 and made of straw.
  • The infamous Vincent Van Gogh created his self portrait in 1887 wearing a straw hat.
  • Straw hats were staples of garden tea parties in the Victorian Era. 
  • President Roosevelt wore a Panama style straw hat while visiting the Panama Canal. 
  • The size of a brim of a straw (or felt) hat became a status of wealth, wider the brim - the more wealth. 

Today, they still remain an affordable fashion piece that offers a variety of various styles for everyone while offering coverage and skin protection. It’s the best of both worlds! Find the perfect style for you at FlairTrade Consign or www.flairtradeconsign.com.