Have you heard of LAGENLOOK?!

Have you heard of LAGENLOOK?!

Fashion never ceases to amaze us. It evolves, twists, turns, explores, goes back again and classics never go out of style.
Comfortable, casual, accessible and neutral are more desirable than seasons past, which is an inclusive description of LAGENLOOK. 

What is Lagenlook? Lagenlook means “layered look” in German and has been a popular way of dressing in Europe for some time. This style involves layers & layers of unconventionally shaped clothing worn one on top of the other to create a one-of-a-kind statement. 

So, it makes perfect sense that it is a great style for AUTUMN for many reasons:

  • A fun, easy way to express yourself
  • Appropriate for all seasons, can layer pieces and change up colors/patterns
  • Casual garment cuts are flattering on all shapes and sizes

Is Lagenlook for you? We have many pieces for layering! Pick neutrals, patterns, mix and match - there is no wrong way to get this look!

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