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Intro to Fall Fashion - 2020 Edition

Oh 2020. You have thrown us countless curveballs! We have shifted, evolved, dogged, withdrawn, meditated, faltered and grown in so many ways.

Fall Fashion Week was no exception this year to creatively blossoming to strut down the runway to host virtual shows all over the world. As they say in show business, THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

Typically, when new fashion trends hit the runaways we are in awe! But, realistically, some of the trends are just not something many of us would wear in our daily lives - AKA LATEX. However, after seeing this season's TOP 14 trends, a burst of excitement came across my face - it is all trends we know, we love, we can expand upon and easily wear everyday!


Here’s a recap:

  1. Heavy Metal - Metallics, Sequence Accents
  2. Prep School - Argyle Cardigans, Penny Loafers
  3. Patchwork Perfection - Quilted, Denim, Mix & Match
  4. Caped Crusader - Capes, Wraps, Shawls, Ponchos
  5. Punky Plaid - Checkered Plaid, Gingham
  6. On The Fringe - on Skirts, jackets, accents on shoulders
  7. Skirting Around - Tweeds with Tailored Blazers
  8. Everyday Lingerie - Animal Print Camisoles with Lace Trim, Corset Blouse
  9. Victorian Secret - Ruffles, Puffed Sleeve, Paisley Prints
  10. Born to Sparkle - FULL Sequence
  11. Built In Baubles - Jewel Encrusted Necklines, Studded and Pearl Embellishment
  12. Shear Genius - Faux and Shearling vest, costs and jackets
  13. Geometry Lesson - Interlocking Shapes, Oversized Dots
  14. Bow Down - Loosely tied, small and centered, polish additions and should accent bows

Stay tuned as we dive into some of these top trends to show just how easy it is to wear and shop for them over the next couple of weeks!
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