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It’s time to step it up!

With a streak of hope, places are opening back up, people are gathering again safely, and loungewear with fluffy socks will soon be pushed to the back of the closet once again. Whether that's good or bad, this summer‘s hottest shoe trends are still showing us that casual and comfy is the way to go!

Let’s be honest, we never thought we would see the day we would be writing a blog that said crocs mules are one of the top summer shoe trends for 2021. And yet here we are. It seems that during the past year we have reached out more so than ever for shoes that are functional and comfortable. And we have learned a lot from our essential medical workers who know how to keep their feet comfortable every day standing for hours on end. So why not still add a little twist and feel that way everyday?

Here are the TOP shoe styles of SUMMER 2021:

Clogs - Choose a fun pop of color or pattern to fully embrace it! Or choose a clog with an ankle strap for a youthful or a raised chunky heel in a strappy solid to match everything!

Mules - Similar to clog but usually flat, just slip on a hit the ground running!




Casual and Slide On Sneakers - Can be worn with anything! - jeans, capris, shorts or dresses! There are SO many fun styles! 


Flats - Always a classic for any age and style. And of course the comfit can’t be beat! 



Get cozy, slip that shoe on and GO! We have so many styles and designers for you to choose from at the right price! Take a look at many of them at and come in!

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