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Know your WORTH!

Picture it. 1858. Charles Frederick Worth was the first fashion designer to have his own label sewn into the beautiful clothing garments he created. This moment is the birth of the modern fashion industry. Through the decades thousands designers have introduced their personal creations globally. This range of style and vision have given us the gift of self expression today in the modern fashion industry. The finest luxury materials, handcrafted, hand painted, hand sewn pieces that added up to hours, even days, of craftsmanship - a work of wearable art that we can keep. It's quality and legacy would stand the test of time. When you purchase an authentic piece of art, you are purchasing history, dreams, and a tool to express yourself. In other words, they can make you GLOW, YOU certainly deserve it and are WORTH it! Here at FlairTrade, we take great pride in selling your purses, shoes, belts, jewelry and many other pieces. We use Entrupy, the world's first and only on-demand authentication device to ensure you are adding an authentic item to your collection. And we have quite the selection to show you that include this Authenticity Certificate. (Psssst.... also, it is illegal to sell a non-authentic logo under the Trademark Counterfeiting Act of 1984. Just sayin.)
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