Let's Talk Bottoms

The Bottom Line on YOUR TOP 5 Summer Bottoms!

Did you ever notice that as spring turns into summer there is an abundance of options to wear on our bottom half besides dresses?! So, we simplified and narrowed down the Top 5 of what to wear, what are they and when to wear them!
  1. Crop - Pants that end an inch or two above the ankle. Crop pants are acceptable for casual, professional and cocktail attire.

Shown: Michael Kors, size 12, NOW ON SALE for $12.50

2. Capri - Popular all over the world, capri pants simply come past the knee and end around the bottom of the calf. Capris are typically worn casually and come in a wide variety of materials.

Shown: laundry By Shelli Segal, size 6, NOW ON SALE for $12.00

3. Coluttes - Wide leg capris that appear skirt like. Can be worn casually and semi casually. A traditionally regal favorite!

Shown: MILLY, size 4, Priced at $46

4. Bermuda Shorts - Shorts that end an inch above the knee. Perfect for a more conservative look or if you just don’t like showing as much leg!

Shown: Lulu B, Size 2, New with Tags for $20

5. Palozzo - Pants that are light and flowy with a wide leg that appear skirt like. Palozzos are the perfect full length to wear in warm weather as they are breathable. They are the MOST versatile bottom to wear in the summer as they can be worn super casually or even black tie depending on the style and material.

Shown: White House Black Market, size S, NOW ON SALE for $12.50


Summer has never looked so good! Check out these styles and more on our website at FlairTRADEconsign.com then come in and let us introduce you to different styles!