Pantone Releases the Colors of 2021 with Rays of Hope

Goodbye 2020. 

Hello 2021!


“If you want to see sunshine, you have to weather the storm” - Frank Lane


Like a yin to the yang and lightness to darkness, Pantone has given 2021 a voice of color that out of a stormy sky there is sunshine. Yes. That certainly embraces the high and lows of 2020. 

This previous year, like many, was a multitude of things for many heighted by an experience we all witnessed together. But this is not about the C word (you know, a pesky pandemic ). It is about carrying ourselves and those around us into a new year with light and hope while honoring the miles we have just walked. Obstacles that we never imagined were conquered with zest giving new found strengths and passions. 

Thank you Pantone for selecting the perfect colors to represent and march into the New Year! We look forward to wearing them proudly!