Picking a Perfect Purse!

SO many choices and SO much to do!

Here’s a quick GO TO guide of the TOP 5 handbags you will ever need in your closet:


Fits all of your essentials, has multiple ways to carry, just the right size and has a durable material that will last. A comfortable, flexible satchel nails it every time! Pictured: Marc By Marc Jacobs.


Keep those hands free for all of your summer adventures! A Crossbody is a must have, especially for shopping sprees, amusements parks, play dates, vacations, and ladies night out to name a few! Just throw in what you MUST HAVE for that event and make sure the Crossbody has an adjustable strap so it’s the perfect fit! Keep them then light and easy! Pictured: Kate Spade


Show your creativity and personality with your purse! It doesn’t have to be functional or expensive! Maybe it is your favorite color, or a sleek design that draws your attention. If it makes your smile, you have to have it! Pictured: Zac Posen.


The bag that has no end and you have to dig deep to get to the button. A multi-functional tote that can be used for SO many things: a purse, diaper bag, work bag, beach bag, overnight bag… you get the point! Pictured: Michael by Michael Kors


A true luxurious classic. An investment. A piece of history with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. This purse will last decades, if not longer, can be a collector’s piece and something to pass on to family and/or friends. Pictured: Louis Vuitton Cabas Mezzo Tote Get in those closets and make sure you are covered for these TOP 5 for Spring! AND GO! All of these purses and MORE are available at FlairTrade in store and online.