How to Survive the Winter Blues

A Step by Step Personal Guide:

Step 1: (We can have LOTS of FUN… ok, enough of my 80’s child New Kids on the Block reference) Somedays the weather has got us springing into action, but chances are that is not going to last. February can be cold, snowy, rainy and when the sun is not out you are not out. Simple as that. Let’s have FUN! Start dreaming of Spring and your staple fashion pieces for your wardrobe! HINT - Ultra Violet purple is the RAGE! Will it be a ¾ sleeve navy blazer? Deconstructed boyfriend jeans? And if it’s in your closet and you haven’t worn it, bring it in for consignment! Step 2: Kick off that Spring shopping with an outrageously FAB handbag! I went with BLUSH! I know I know, that’s SOOOOO last season but hear me out… My love is BRIGHTS, PATTERNS and FLORALS and hence have that covered. What I was yearning for was a neutral that wasn’t tan, gray, cream, beige, you get the point and I LOVE blush! It’s extremely dainty, feminine and classy! I can add purse accessories to jazz it up or leave the textured leather for a structured look. WIN. WIN. Furthermore what color or print does blush NOT go with? A light purple would do the same trick too! Step 3: Load that new handbag with your FAV staples that are your go to’s to function and get through the day! I was a girl scout as a result I’m prepared for everything! Here’s a sneak peak of my must haves that I carry around daily! Typically, there is more lip gloss and pens, but I cleaned it up just for you. Therefore nothing wrong to treating yourself to those little extras that make you smile!

Step 4: Chasing Bargains! Winter is one of the best times of the year to find super sales. Consignment stores have such a range of layers, you can get some Spring, even summer pieces, while spending just a few dollars. There are so many ways to save too! The tags at FlairTrade are easy to read with THREE different prices. Items go on sale after they are on the sales floor for 30 days to 50% off and then 75% off at 57 days! Learn from my reoccurring mistakes – if you love it but it at the first low prices, you’re saving a ton already and it may not be there if you wait! Do you have the FlairTrade app on your phone? Go to your APP store and download it for FREE to save even more with coupons and loyalty bonuses! You can find those here. Step 5: “This Too Shall Pass” Winter is only temporary, and Spring will pop before we know it. So, while we can try to enjoy winter (enter sarcastic comment here), we can use this time to gear up for a beautiful Spring!

Oh! And FlairTrade is now accepting Spring consignments too! Can you say HOORAY?!?!?!