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Wearing Your Red, White & Blue

Get Your Flag On, Without Looking Like One

Fourth of July is a time in Fashion where everyone wears the same colors, but how do you make yourself look different but in a fashionable chic way?? Here are some outfits that will still be Fourth of July themed but with a touch of elegance and chic. This outfit is for the backyard BBQ's or the cookouts. throwing on a simple Jean Dress and pairing it with some accessories that bring in the White and the Red. This is a simple way to still be festive but be in fashion. This outfit is for the lounge around home, grocery store outfit or even the fireworks at home outfit. It is a casual look with a touch of Fourth of July. This is for the woman who plans on going for a cocktail to two. Throwing on some white pants brings a touch of dressy to a casual look. Bring in the rest of the theme through a colorful top or handbag. This last outfit is the look for everyone this is the perfect look for an all-day Fourth of July. By putting on a romper of matching shirt and skirt this creates an idea of casual and comfy yet ready for anything. All of these looks are so simple, be sure to stop by FlairTrade for your 4th of July outfit. We would be happy to find you the perfect outfit that fits for your day! Pictures Credits: https://www.elle.com/fashion/shopping/g28330/4th-of-july-outfits/
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