We’re Singing the Blues into 2020! - FlairTRADE Consign

We’re Singing the Blues into 2020!

A fresh decade to bring us back to the basics with Classic Blue, the Pantone Color of 2020! Every year a new color is voted as the Color of the Year. 2020 is bringing us serenity and confidence as we head back into the 20’s. Trying to keep up with the world around us and all the technological advancements can be overwhelming. It is time to stick with what we know, what we can trust and what has been consistent.

Did you know?

There are 24 shades of BLUE. The word “BLUE” comes from the Egyptians dating back prior to 1300 BC. BLUE is nature’s color making up the sky and oceans, but very rare in natural foods. 17% of the world’s population has BLUE eyes. BLUE was the last primary color and shade to be named and introduced in modern times. BLUE is known for its calmness, dependability and tranquility. 53% of the World’s Flags have BLUE.

Think about it… How does BLUE make you feel? Such a peaceful rich color, standing the test of time, to brighten your wardrobe and your smile!
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