What The Fall?!

You Feel That?! It's OFFICIALLY Fall! Along with the "BER" months returning, so has the coolness in the air. And then 80 degree weather?? What the FALL?? The Fall Season has already thrown us some curve balls and WE LIKE IT! Since when is Ballet Slipper Pink a fall color? Fanny packs making a come back? We are now FlairTrade- A New Style of Consignment?? Seasons change. And so did we! Your favorite LKN consignment spot has re-branded to FlairTrade! Welcome in a fresh new fall season with unexpected surprises, yet the comfort of and FUN of the highly fashionable expectation that you love about us! Keeps the heart racing and the fashions flowing! Come pick out your new FALL with us and see all the changes we've made to offer you a one of a kind shopping experience! Don't forget to follow us on social media! FlairTrade Consign on Facebook @flairtradeconsign on Instagram Stay FUN & FASHIONABLE!!!