Consignor Agreement

Thank you for choosing to consign with us!

Our policies are designed to allow us to maintain the highest quality service while earning the most for your items.

Condition of items:

  • Clean and fresh, free from odors
  • Genty used or new condition/ no rips, stains, tears or missing buttons
  • All season
  • Trendy (we adjust items to fit the present needs of the sales floor)
  • Pressed/ wrinkle free on hangers
Consignment period:

Our consignment period is 90 days.

At the end of the consignment period, on day 91, you are responsible for collecting your items. Your account will show the expiry date of each of the items consigned with us which you may view online at any time.

Uncollected items: After the pick-up date they become the property of FlairTRADE and may be donated or recycled automatically without notice. We donate to various local non-profit charities such as Amy’s Closet and Lydia’s Loft.


  • Pricing is discretionary and subject to additional store sales and specials throughout the 90 day consignment period. We base prices on market comps and current demand. We do our best to get the most value of each item.
  • Failed authentication fee will be charged to the consignor.

Split and Payout:

  • You will receive 35% of the final selling price.
  • Luxury items will receive 50% and select items will receive 60%.
  • Authentication fees will be calculated in the price of the item
  • Balances can be used as store credit for an additional 10% (exclusions apply)
  • Balances under $50 can be paid out in cash in the store. You may request payment by Zelle from ID is required for cash payouts at the store.


There is an annual $20 account fee. This includes your new account set up fee, e-commerce maintenance, in store item management and more. Annual account fee will be marked as -$20 and will be taken out of your earnings.

Once your agreement has been completed and signed your account will show:

  • your items (active and sold)
  • expiration date
  • account balance
  • damaged items
We will do our best to take the best care of your items, however, FlairTrade is not responsible for articles lost, stolen or damaged.

By signing below you acknowledge you have read and fully understand the terms and conditions of this consignment agreement.

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