Five Basics to Consigning

There is a method to the madness!

Here at FlairTrade we are CONSTANTLY evolving and learning about what sells BEST. We have been doing this for YEARS and we certainly don’t know it all but we do know quite a bit! Our goal is to provide a stellar shopping experience while selling items brought in by our consignors. And we find ourselves back at the basics : WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHEN and HOW. Let’s take a closer look…


Trendy Designers within 3-4 years of release date in stores. We keep our racks packed from Loft to Chanel. We accept well made, quality clothing. Not fast fashion that is a killer to our planet for clothing that last maybe one season. When a quality brand is not accepted, like IZOD or Dana Buchman, it is not a quality issue but rather a PRICING issue. We make sure our pricing is the best deal!


Tops and Shoes are overall our best selling items. Whereas, bottoms and business wear is at the bottom of the best seller ranking. Did you know that we sell 26 TOPS per 1 BOTTOM?! Think about your closet - on average you have many more tops than you do pants and, of course, that is a reflection of what you buy. This reflects what we accept for the sales floor. Your fashion pieces are yours. It IS personal. We NEVER want you to feel like there is anything wrong with your items and THAT IS NOT THE CASE. There is a mental checklist that intake goes through when going through your items, here’s a few... Is it a brand we accept? Is it within 3- 4 years of what is out in full retail stores? Is it within the current season? Is it gently loved? Are there any stains, rips, tears, discoloration, wrinkles, etc…. Is it a style that our customers are looking for? Will we be able to price it accurately? Is it authentic?


Technology can be a beautiful thing. Our software system allows us to see trends in selling patterns and we certainly use that to YOUR advantage. We want to take items that we KNOW we can sell for you. We know time is precious, and if you are taking the time and effort to bring in your items we want you to have success selling those items!


We accept seasonal clothing and accessories. Our selling period is 63 days so we follow a season change schedule that allows us to sell many items within 30 days. The rest typically sells afterwards before items expire at 63 days.


Clean, pressed and ON HANGERS. Only shoes, handbags and accessories are acceptable in tote bags or baskets in our back consignment area. Let’s dive a bit deeper on this one - We ask that all clothes are brought in on hangers. This allows us to: Accurately and diligently access your items for staining, rips, tears, and/or discoloration. Keeping items wrinkle free. We DO NOT have a steamer or iron. Pieces that are wrinkled will not be accepted because they simply have a poor presentation on the sales floor and do not sell. Organize consignor items on racks while multiple drop offs are occurring. If you have been a consignor for a bit you KNOW how busy it can get in the back. Having items on hangers allows us to keep multiple racks of items organized to ensure they stay with their owner and are priced in the correct account. If you ever have any questions or comments at any time we want to know! Please send an email to