Questions & Answers

We will update this as the closing process progresses but felt it prudent to try and anticipate people's questions with this closing announcement. This page will be dynamic but here is our first attempt at answering people's questions....

Q.) I’m a consignor with you and I think I still have money in my account, will I still get that?
A.) Yes, all consignor monies owed are still yours and secure. We will still issue checks as normal at the end of this month if your balance is greater than $50. If you have a check that has already been created, please come in to pick it up.

Q.) I’m a consignor but not sure I have $50 in my account; will I get my money?A.) Yes, please come pick it up over the next couple of weeks. We may give you cash or a check depending on how much and our cash available on hand.

Q.) I’m a consignor but not sure if I have money, how do I know?
A.) Everyone is provided with a consignor ID (number) when you first dropped off your items. You can use the online consignor portal to check your account HERE.

Q.) I have a gift card, what do I do with that?
A.) Please come spend it, we will have some amazing deals over the next several days and weeks. If you don’t find anything we will gladly refund your gift card balance.

Q.) You mentioned liquidation sale, how much of a sale?
A.) We will begin our sale with 10% off our already rock bottom prices. As the process progresses, we will likely increase the discount, but as you know our items don’t last long so buy it when you see it!

Q.) I’m a consignor but not sure I want you to liquidate my items, what do I do?
A.) If you have active items and do not want them sold in our closing process, you are welcome to come pick them up.

Q.) Why didn’t you just go find another space?
A.) We tried, not for us but for the new prospective owner. Spaces in the Lake Norman area are very limited and as a result the lease rates have doubled.

Q.) Why didn’t your landlord renew your lease?
A.) Great question! I guess they wanted to deal with national chains instead of small businesses. Our building is carved out of a larger space that was shared with the old Stein Mart space. They are going to split it down the middle with one half becoming TJX’s Home Sense concept store and the space we currently occupy plus part of the old Stein Mart becoming Total Wine. Also, did you know that lease rates have doubled in the area.