Stripes Forever

Stripes Forever

Nothing quite says summer like blue and white stripes! With it’s crisp, simple pattern, it reminds us of the water and versatility. Walk into most ladies and men's retail shops and there will be - the Bon Breton striped shirt. Just like the Bon Breton Stripes events, status and history remain a strong influence on today's fashion.

So what is the Bon Breton Stripe? In 1858, French sailors wore a shirt that would make them more visible at sea if they fell overboard. Each shirt had 21 stripes that represented Napoleon Bonaparte’s victories. These super functional and practical tops were literally lifesavers!

Through the years, the fashion has evolved and the even infamous Coco Chanel used the Bon Breton stripe in her nautical collection as seen below. It was a carefree, yet structured, appealing look. Now, thousands of designers use the same stripe that was first introduced 163 years ago!

Compatible with animal print and polka dots, stripes are a staple that will never go out of style. They are EVERYWHERE! And chances are you already have some sort of Breton Stripe in your wardrobe or home décor without even realizing it.

Pairs with solids, or another pattern for casual, historical look. Get these looks and many more at FlairTRADE Consign and!
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