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What Goes Around Comes Around

Tie Dye 2020 Style!

If you are a child of the 90’s, you have seen Tie Dye come and go as a youthful, carefree trend. And now it has come back around as one of the biggest trends for Summer 2020! 

But where did it originate?

Did you know that Tie Dye originated in Eastern Asia in 168 C.E. ,which means Current Era and would put that in the early 1700’s! The process was used in many dynasties and periods in Japan and China. 

Here in the USA, it became mainstream in the 1960’s as protest art and made its way into the fashion industry in the 1970’s. In the 1990’s it came in every mix of color and style to be the perfect form of self expression. 

Fast forward to the present and tie has made its arrival again just in time for summer! It is a trend that brings a smile to our faces with a blast of color or a pop of accent to brighten solids.  When it comes to tie dye, we like it when history repeats itself! 

If you do not have any tie dye in your summer wardrobe, now it's the time to add it! These styles and more can be found at flairtradeconsign.com , and of course, in-store! 

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